Gift of Gratitude: A Heart-full Exercise

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Valentine’s Day always reminds me to reflect, with gratitude, on my heart-full life. Of course some years are easier than others but I always find aspects of life to be grateful for.

My gift to you again this year is to share a little exercise I have created that has helped keep me grounded.

When was the last time you examined the contents of your heart? Not sure … give this a try.

What Fills Your Heart?

1. Create a big heart or print this out => Heart-full Exercise

2. Take a moment to stop, breathe deeply and smile at yourself in the mirror.

3. Reflect on the following questions: What am I most grateful for in life? What is important to me? What totally and completely fills my heart? Then fill in your heart with images or words to remind you of all that is important to you

4. Now really look at your heart image. How does it feel to have a heart-full life? Anything missing?

5. Finally ask yourself … how do I keep my heart full? Here I will encourage you to decide what to do with your awareness.

For me, I usually post this someplace as a reminder of how grateful I am to have such a wonderful and heart-full life. And you?

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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