Discover Your Personal Nature

While there are many personality tests designed to give professional “clues” about individuals, the Enneagram offers wisdom each of us can use to understand our unique view of the world as well as those around us.

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is an ancient model consisting of nine points representing different but interconnected personality types. Each number points to a worldview and archetype that resonates with the variety of ways people think, feel and act, and how they stand in relation to the world, others and themselves.

How Can the Enneagram Guide Me?

On your journey towards self-development, relationship building, conflict resolution, and the improvement of team dynamics, the Enneagram can shed light on the ways you and others bring their unique viewpoints to various situations.

Its aim is not to limit, categorize or “box” people, but rather to foster understanding of one’s own personality and how that influences relationships and decision-making.

Carol has found the Enneagram to be an invaluable tool in guiding people as they develop their Natural Courage.



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I absolutely don’t know what I would have done without Carol’s mentoring, coaching and support. Our talks not only made me think about how to reach my goals, but she provided a sounding board and sympathetic ear which, quite simply, wasn’t (and isn’t) available anywhere else.
– Bob P, Dorchester, Ontario, Canada