Preparing for 2018: Complete the Old then Create the New

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With 2018 almost here, perhaps you may consider trying the following reflection exercise, “Complete The Old, Create The New”. It was first introduced to me by one of my coaching mentors and I have been sharing it with readers ever since.

The process provides an opportunity to acknowledge your accomplishments from the previous year and then become more complete with those things that have fallen short. The second part of the exercise encourages you to look ahead to the new year and decide what you want to achieve in 2018. The theory is that by imagining or seeing your intentions as being complete at the end of the year they become real and infinitely more possible.

This year I decided to snowshoe during a gentle snowfall. The calm and quiet landscape helped me to reflect upon my life with gratitude.  After warming up I sat quietly and began to write. Now I invite you to find your quiet spot, think about your life, and enjoy the opportunity to create your own future.

Complete the Old – Create the New

Step One – Completeness

What were your wins, successes and breakthroughs in the past year? What were your losses, disappointments and breakdowns in the past year? Think about what it means to be complete with each item. Incompleteness holds us back from taking on the next exciting opportunity.

Step Two – Lessons Learned

Looking over the past year, what are the five to seven lessons you have learned?

Step Three – New Year

Imagine one year ahead, and write a list of all the wins, successes and breakthroughs for the coming year. Some would think about goals but it is more than that, this is about what you want the year to be and what you are creating.

Step Four – Year of the …

Name the year to reflect your journey – e.g. Year of Completions. Now post this in a couple of suitable places to remind you of your theme for 2018. And feel free to share what your 2018 year will be about!

In case you are wondering … mine will be the “Year of Focused Study” … because it is time to finish my PhD.

Best wishes to everyone for a happy and healthy 2018!

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