Autumn colors in the mountains.

Ambling through Autumn

Posted By on Oct 10, 2016 | 2 comments

Autumn is my favourite season and I take every opportunity to get outside to enjoy the full sensory experience of this spectacular time of year. When I walk in the woods in the fall in Ontario it seems like every sense is stimulated more than usual.

Strolling along quiet paths and trails, the crisp air heightens the glorious fall colours. Regardless of the weather, the bright yellow, red, brown and orange hues of the leaves on the trees, not only light up the sky but radiate warmth underfoot as well. Dorothy may have had a ‘yellow-brick’ road but I feel so happy following a crunchy path.

And one of the reasons I feel so happy, is that I love the sound of the crunch and rustle of the fallen leaves. I get to kick the leaves and remember times as a child when we would jump into huge leaf piles or throw them around having great leaf fights. It is hard not to smile when I stroll along a pathway of freshly fallen leaves.

Ambling is the only speed for an autumn walk. You get to slow down to absorb and enjoy the full sensory experience. Often I will stop and just smell the air. There are so many interesting aromas and exotic earthy scents outside in the fall. It is almost like Mother Nature is sharing some of her special gifts before the cold winter sets in.

Whether with friends or alone, an autumn walk just feels so different than a hike at any other time of the year. For me it can be reflective and emotional. I feel so blessed to be able to appreciate the gifts of this season. And even when the cold November winds start to blow, I will continue to stroll along outside for as long as possible, to enjoy the last vestiges of autumn’s splendor.

What memories are stirred up for you when you go on an autumn walk?

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  1. What a wonderful sense of appreciation for this spectacular time of year. Thanks for sharing your reflections.

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