Valentine’s Day always reminds me to reflect, with gratitude, on my heart-full life. Of course some years are easier than others but I always find aspects of life to be grateful for. My gift... Read More

Weathering the Weather

Posted By on Oct 30, 2015

Did you ever hear the old joke: “What is the difference between good weather and bad weather?” This popped into  my mind as recently our weather has been quite variable, with lots of rain, snow... Read More

Ever since I became an empty nester, I have been truly struggling with where to place my “next nest”. The easy route would be to stay put with my mom and continue in my status-quo, comfortable life.... Read More

Motherhood: A Twin Dialogue

Motherhood: A Twin Dialogue

Posted By on May 7, 2015

In honour of Mother’s Day I am re-posting this piece written by Davaun T Kurcz, It is one metaphor to describe the eco-psychology journey I am undertaking at graduate school, it embodies the... Read More