Naturally Superior: Breath Taking and Life Giving

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Standing on the shoreline of Lake Superior, I inhaled a deep breath of crisp clean air and then exhaled slowly. The tension in my body and soul began to drift away with the rhythm of the waves. I thought to myself how great this lake truly is and smiled, thankful that I was fortunate enough to be able to feel and absorb such clear natural energy.

Last week I went camping for a few days around Lake Superior Provincial Park. Hiking the trails, scrambling the shoreline and gazing into a campfire were all part of the activities menu. There was never a shortage of things to do around the largest fresh water lake in the world. But every day I seemed to end up at Old Woman Bay becoming mesmerized by the breathtaking view.

Perhaps I should say breath-giving … because subconsciously my shallow breathing would slow down and then deepen as I became more and more relaxed by just sitting on the beach, enjoying the views. While there is nothing new about the calming effects being beside a body of water, what was different at this location was the deep peacefulness.

Perhaps the peacefulness was due to the old woman profile on the cliffs and the many indigenous legends. Perhaps it was because I would respectfully greet the ancient elder, starting and ending my visit with gratitude. Or perhaps there is something truly special, even mysterious about the largest and wildest of the Great Lakes.

Whatever the reason, I do know every chance I get I will stop and enjoy the magical energy of Lake Superior; by filling my lungs with fresh clean air, wandering the rugged shoreline and saying hello to an old friend.

Where are some of your breath-taking and life-giving places?

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