Carol’s Journey

Carol Koziol is an International Coach Federation Professional Certified Coach, trained by Adler International Coaching Academy. She also has a Master’s in Physical Education and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Depth Psychology with a specialization in Community, Liberation and Ecopsychology.

Carol is especially adept at guiding the “less young” to find the courage to uncover and live “What’s Next” in an authentic and rich way. With a variety of coaching packages, workshops and retreats available, Carol catalyzes people to discover their true goals… and then explore pathways and strategies to accomplish them.

With Carol you will identify what you really desire next in your life and begin the transition from your current purpose to the new one that awaits. With nature-based practices playing an integral role, you will reconnect and shed the issues disguising your true path forward.

Solve the “What’s Next” mystery and reveal your true purpose!

Carol Koziol